Who are we?

IGS INGENIERIE, an expert in 3D scanning, is committed to innovation. Specialising in a future-oriented, fast-growing field, it has developed a unique measuring method as a result of a research and development project, taking advantage of the increased precision and the savings in time and money that 3D scanning offers. Having completed more than 2,000 projects and 400,000 scans since its inception, it has solid and unequalled expertise in 3D scanning and point cloud modelling. Its know-how makes possible projects that were until recently impossible. 3Dmec is able to respond to any particular need in industrial design and 3D modeling, piping design and engineering.

Notre Vision

To improve the prospects of our customers thanks to the advantages of 3D scanning: speed, increased precision, reduced costs.

Notre Mission

To provide innovative services to our clients and provide them with solutions that adapt to their needs and requests, wherever the projects to be carried out are located.

Nos valeurs

  • We invest fully in the mandates entrusted to us.
  • Constantly innovating.
  • Represent a competitive advantage for our clients.